Zoom window open without a recording running, but the orange dot is active and app is actively listening to the microphone

Have you ever opened the Zoom app and noticed an orange dot on the screen, even when you are not in a meeting or recording? This can be a bit confusing and concerning, as it may appear that the app is actively listening to your microphone.

The orange dot on Zoom is a visual indicator that the microphone is active and being used by the app. This can happen for a few different reasons


Reason Explanation Solution
Always On microphone setting Some users may have enabled the “Always On” microphone setting in the Zoom app, which allows the app to access the microphone at all times, even when not in a meeting. To solve this, check your settings and make sure you have not enabled the “Always On” microphone setting and only allow the app to access your microphone when you are in a meeting.
Scheduled meetings If you have scheduled a meeting to start at a later time, the Zoom app may be running in the background, waiting for the meeting to begin. In this case, the app may be listening to your microphone to ensure that it is ready for the meeting when it starts. Make sure you close the app when you don’t have any scheduled meetings to avoid this.
Bugs Some users have reported that the app listens to the microphone even when closed and not in use. This is a bug that Zoom has acknowledged and is working to fix. Keep the app updated to the latest version and make sure that you have the latest updates installed on your device. Zoom is actively working to fix this issue.
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Author: Joel Ameah

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