What is a web page?

Most people have been using the internet for their various benefit through what we call web page. But when this question is thrown out to people who use the internet every day on ‘what is web page? I bet you half of them will get it wrong. I even guess the one reading this article don’t even know what web page is about. But this is not the case. get this article and you will know what web page is about.

A webpage is any document that can be accessed by a browser through the world wide web (www).

In effect, more than two Web Pages form what we call a website. Web pages are written in a  language called A Mark Up language.

Most of the Web Pages you see on the world wide web (www) are written in a markup language called Hypertext Markup Language(HTML), which sometimes also includes a  client-side scripting language such as JavaScript to make the webpage more interactive to users. 
Other Mark-up languages  includes XMLand XHTML.
Every webpage on the world wide web (www) has an address which is known as the Uniform Resource Locator (URL).
On a typical website, there may be a particularly dedicated webpage which serves as the HOMEPAGE, which is actually the first webpage to open when you visit a particular website, using the websites Uniform Resource Locator.

A web page may essentially be made up of text, audio, video and graphics files. Additionally, a web page may include hypertext documents. A hypertext document is a link on a webpage that links you to another web page on the same website or to another webpage on a different website.

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