How to use CD/DVD Discs as flash drive- add and deleted files

Do you know that you can use your CD/DVD Disc as flash drives?
Yes, with this capability in windows, you will be able to burn files and folders to your CD/DVD disc and then be able to delete any of the files and folders you burned and also add additional files and folders anytime, anywhere.


Insert an empty CD/DVD into your computer. A window will pop up. Click on “Burn file to disc”





use CD/DVD Discs as flash drive





Another window will pop up. Choose “Like a USB flash drive”. When you click on this
option, windows will start to format the CD/DVD. When the formatting is done, you just open your CD/DVD disc on your PC, then you can drag and drop files and folders to add them to the disc or delete them anytime anywhere.

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This article showed you how to use CD/DVD Discs as flash drive

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Author: Daniel Yarig

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