How to Use Mid-Journey for Amazing Text-to-Image Generation on Discord

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up Mid-Journey text to image AI generator on Discord and creating stunning, hyper-realistic photos. Get ready to unleash your imagination and bring your ideas to life!

Mid-Journey text to image AI generator on discord


Step 1: Create a Discord Account
To set up Mid-Journey text to image AI generator on Discord, head over to and sign in or create a new account. Discord serves as the platform where Mid-Journey operates, allowing you to generate awe-inspiring images from simple text prompts. You can use the Discord app on your computer or access it via your web browser.

Step 2: Join the Mid-Journey Server
Within Discord, navigate to the “Explore Public Servers” option. Search for the Mid-Journey server and join it. This server is open to anyone, and joining will grant you access to Mid-Journey’s image-generation capabilities. You can find a direct link to the Mid-Journey server in the video description for easy access.

Step 3: Create a Mid-Journey Account
To set up Mid-Journey text to image AI generator on Discords, you’ll need to have a Mid-Journey account. Visit and sign in using your Discord credentials. Once logged in, you’ll have the option to purchase a subscription plan. Choose the plan that suits your needs and subscribe. Please note that Mid-Journey no longer offers a free plan.

Step 4: Generate Images
Now that you’re subscribed and ready to go, head back to Discord. Inside the Mid-Journey server, you’ll find “Newbie Channels” dedicated to image creation. In these channels, type “/imagine” followed by your desired prompt. For instance, you could enter “Imagine an image of the pyramids under construction.” Press enter and patiently wait for the image generation process to complete. The processing time may vary depending on your subscription level.

Step 5: Explore and Download
After a short wait, Mid-Journey will present you with four different images based on your prompt. Each image version is labeled V1, V2, V3, and V4. You can preview these images and select the one that captivates you the most. Click on the image to open it in the Mid-Journey website. From there, you can save it to your computer as a high-resolution PNG file.

Step 6: Advanced Prompts and Customization
To take your image creation to the next level, you can experiment with advanced prompts and parameters. Mid-Journey provides a guide on their website that explains how to structure your prompts to achieve specific styles and results. By providing subject details, surrounding descriptions, stylization preferences, and parameters, you can create truly unique and personalized images.

To further explore Mid-Journey’s capabilities and interact with the chatbot directly, initiate a conversation with the “Mid-Journey Bot” through direct messaging. Simply find the chatbot in your Direct Messages list or locate it within the server.

Now that you have the basic steps and an understanding of setting up Mid-Journey text to image AI generator on Discord, let your creativity run wild and create incredible images from your text prompts. Remember to experiment, try different options, and enjoy the fascinating world

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Author: Joel Ameah

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