What is key generator?

A key generator, shortened, keygen, is a small application or software that generates product keys for software.
Every paid software has some kind of activation process that the user of the software needs to perform in order to render the software usable.  The activation process involves the entering of a key into the software which can be done automatically over the internet, manually by phone, fax, email, or by manually purchasing a license key and entering it during or after the installation of the software.
Keygens are mainly created to generate keys for software without having to pay for them. The process involved in the creation of the software is rather a complex one. 

The keys for software are generated using some kind of mathematical algorithm. What a programmer does is to determine the algorithm that was used to produce the keys. Whiles, he is able to determine the algorithm; he will be able to produce similar or perfectly matching keys that can be used for activating the software.
In the case of a similar key, the programmer is able to trick the server that performs the activation to make it believe the keys are genuine.
In some cases, the software needs to be cracked before the keys are applied to prevent to the keys from being seen as fake especially if the activation is to be done over the internet.

This article will show you what is a key generator

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