What is a cracked software?

Cracked software is simply any software that has its copy protection removed. Any software that is not a freeware (obtained for free without paying) contains copy protection feature that makes it impossible for any person to use it without first providing some sort authentication which comes in the form of entering a serial key, inserting a licensed fie or just by registering the software is a craked software.
 Cracked software is therefore used to bypass such restrictions.
The cracked software can be a set of instructions or code that removes the copy protection from a piece of software or it can also be obtained through a process called Reverse Engineering. 
In this process, particular software is decompiled to get the source code, then that part of the software (a module) that contains the copy protection is determined and then removed, and then recompiled to produce the crack.  
Crack typically comes in two forms. It can be an executable file (exe) that is either run to replace the original software automatically or it is simply used to replace the original in the installation folder manually. A crack can also be a dull file which performs essentially the same function as an executable file.
It is worth noting that, most of the cracked software contain spyware and malware that can harm your computer. Some also contain keyloggers that hide on your computer to steal personal information. Again, using cracked software is illegal unless otherwise, authorized by the owner of the original software.


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