A web portal

A web portal is a dedicated webpage that provides a general or a more specific service to users. What a web portal or simply a portal does is to bring information together from different sources in a uniform way. Whiles bringing information together in a uniform way, it serves as a gateway to a vast resource on the www.

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One can, therefore, be right to say that, a search engine is a portal because its main function is to allow users to search for content or resources on the world wide web. Whiles searching for contents you may enjoy the privilege of searching for text only, video only, image only, or audio only files or documents.
To make the term more appropriate for discussion, a search engine can also be called a search portal
A web portal that provides customers and shareholders with online real-time prices of goods and service, auction sales, the latest News, reports and announcements can be termed as a Stock portal.

This article is about what is a web portal

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