What Is A Browser Cache?

What is a Browser Cache? In this article am going to show you what it meant to be Browser's Cache and how it works.
A cache is a space in your browser that stores web documents including images, webpages, etc. (I will use a webpage in this article).When you load a webpage, the page is loaded and placed in the cache of your browser. As you continue to open different webpages on the same website, each page you open is stored in the cache. So assuming you want to view a particular website you have already viewed again, by clicking on the back button, the browser will not load that particular webpage from the webserver this time: it will rather look inside the cache and bring the webpage back to you. 
This is why whenever you click on the back button when you want to go back to a previous webpage, it loads so fast. 
 A Browser Cache

One thing is worth noting, whenever you visit a webpage, the webpage is loaded and stored in the cache of your browser, so anything you do to the webpage such as editing the content of the webpage does not affect the original webpage that resides on the webserver.

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