What is a blog?

A blog has been creating the most beneficial aspect of human nature. The benefits of a blog, and the use of a blog. and because of this, the highest percentage of people living in this world are jumping into blogs.
So this article will  let you know the real concept of blogs
A blog which is derived from the word weblog can be defined as a page on which an individual or a group of individuals write about their opinions, share their talents or skills, share links to other sites, etc. on regular basis. The posts consist of entries which are displayed in chronological order (the most recent post appears first).
Blogs are very interactive, in that,  they make it possible for, visitors to leave comments and even send emails to blog owners for further information about a particular topic under discussion. One can, therefore, say that any web page that makes it possible for visitors to include comments after reading a post is a blog
Initially, blogs started as textual (that is consisting of only text). However, due to the advent of technology, nowadays, bloggers (people who write posts for a blog) are able to include a combination of text, images, videos, and links to other blogs or websites.
The categorization is based on mostly the type of ownership, content or devices.
  • Ownership e,g personal blogs, organization blogs.
  • By device e.g moblog(blogging through mobile phones)
  • By content e.g vblog
Art blogs: This bog may comprise of paintings, sculpture,  creative photography, etc.
Video blog or vblog:  This site contains mainly videos with a textual description. The videos are embedded (that is, the videos can be streamed directly on the blog.)
Audioblog: can also be called music blog or sound blog: Contains audio files that can be downloaded or stream on computers or mobile phones.

1.  A place for advertisement: Companies or organizations can place adds on various blogs to market their goods and services.
2.  Employment. Blogging can be a major source of employment for most people. Most bloggers earn their living through commissions they receive from companies for advertising on their blogs.
3.  Quick and timely source of information free information
4.  Providing a variety of information, text, arts, video or pictures.
NOTE: There is not much difference between a blog and a wiki in terms of content and structure since they all seem to give information to users and are all web-based.
The most fundamental and basic differences are:
Ownership: Blogs are typically owned by individuals whereas wikis are not owned by anyone but are meant for collaborative purposes.

Methods of posting contents: Blogs can be updated with or without basic knowledge of a software or any special skills. Bloggers only have to log in and start to write contents whereas a wiki is updated using a piece of server software called a wiki.
Times between Posts: Blogs are expected to be updated regularly to keep the site lively. Even though it is not required of Bloggers to update regularly, it is the surest way to keep site visitors visiting regularly, but wikis are not like that. Unless someone has additional information or other reservations, the original post continues to remain.

This article on what a blog is

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